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Useful Links


Environmental Protection Agency
Useful information regarding environmental laws, regulations, and hazardous materials.

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
For information on the state regulation and control of asbestos.

OSHA Asbestos Site
Regulation and legislation regarding worker exposure to hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead.

Oklahoma State University Asbestos Database
Lots of useful links to articles, reviews, and research regarding asbestos and its impact on the environment.

Asbestos Institute
Canadian, but a useful site which provides information on types of asbestos fibers and materials, and associated health risks.

American Lung Association
Excellent source for issues of air quality and health risks associated with asbestos.


Department of Housing and Urban Development
Information concerning lead exposure, regulation, and control, especially in residential structures.

Centers for Disease Control
Niosh regulations concerning asbestos investigation and abatement.

Parents Place
Steps parents can take to protect their children from the dangers of lead.

Niton Corporation
XRF lead testing equipment used by Smith and Wessel.

Protecting Children From the Dangers of Lead
Advice and information on protecting children from the health risks lead presents.

Indoor Air Quality

Environmental Protection Association
Issues in Indoor Air Quality, regulation, inspection, and recommendations.

Environmental Health and Safety Organization
All matters of information for general consumers, contractors, environmental engineers, and other interested individuals. Covers Asbestos, Lead, Indoor Air Quality, Toxic, and Hazardous substances.