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Our lead inspections identify, evaluate, and make recommendations for controlling lead-based paint, lead in drinking water, lead in dust, and lead in soil. Our properly accredited inspectors perform inspections using state-of-the art X-ray fluorescence instrumentation. When necessary, confirmatory samples are collected for laboratory analysis by atomic absorption spectrometry. We monitor OSHA compliance during renovation and demolition involving surfaces coated with lead-based paint, lead-abatement projects, and all other activities where exposure to lead is a concern. Our classification of waste streams as hazardous or nonhazardous follows EPA protocols. We design and oversee abatement projects, as the client requires.

For several years we have been providing on-site testing for lead in paint using our NITON XL-309 x-ray fluorescence analyzer (see the link to Niton on our links page). We have now added the patented Lead in Soils Analyzer (L.I.S.A.) adapter to this instrument. This adapter now allows us to provide immediate results when testing for lead in soils in the field. Lead content in soil can be measured to a level of 50 parts per million (ppm) in accordance with a method approved by the American Standards of Testing Materials (ASTM).

Some of the advantages to on-site testing include:

  • No more waiting for lab results
  • Minimization of project delays
  • No more guessing where hot-spots are located
  • Approved method available
  • Quickly and accurately define boundaries of contamination
  • Save money on hazardous waste disposal